At the Y, kids of all ages can develop their skills, make new friends, and become empowered in youth programs.

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Spring II Programming starts April 29!
Member registration opens Saturday, April 6 and community registration opens Saturday, April 13. Session availability varies by branch location. Explore your branch offerings today and Join the Y today for early access and discounts!

Sports, Music & Art

Basketball, Ages 5-12

5-6 years & 7-12 years

Each class will incorporate instruction and fundamental skill development. Your child will develop skills in dribbling, shooting, passing and throwing.



Saturday Night Lights Basketball, Ages 12-17 (FREE)

Saturday Night Lights (SNL) is a youth development and violence prevention program that is aimed to provide free high-quality sports and fitness activity for youth ages 12-18. Saturday Night Lights in provided in partnership and funded by the Division of Youth and Community Development.

To register, please visit or contact the Flatbush YMCA at 718-469-8100.

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Seido Karate, Ages 4-17

Seido Karate
Karate class promotes a greater appreciation for self-control and mental awareness as well as physical fitness and a practical method of self-defense. Tour children will train in the fundamentals of Karate will be focusing range of motion, balance, endurance, stamina, flexibility, most importantly coordination, and centering oneself.

Ages 4-6
Ages 7-9
Ages 10-12
Ages 13-17




Soccer, Ages 4.5-11

Participants will build their soccer skills in this next level class. Drills and games will deepen their understanding of offense and defense while continuing to enhance the love of the sport!



Piano Lessons, Ages 6-13

We are excited to announce the latest addition to our youth programming - brand new music classes! We are now offering piano lessons for young students who are eager to explore the world of music.

Our piano lessons provide a fun and engaging way for children to learn an new skill while fostering their creativity and musicality. Whether your child is a complete beginner or has had a bit of experience playing the piano, our qualified instructor is here to guide them every step of the way.

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity for your child to embark on a musical journey with us.

Visit our Welcome Center and sign up for our piano lessons today and watch them unleash their musical potential!"

Class Offerings Every Saturday

  • Ages 6-7 years old 10:00AM
  • Ages 8- 10years old 11:15AM
  • Ages 11-13years old 12:30PM



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