Swimming is a life skill, great exercise, and a challenging sport. Whether you’re looking for swim classes for your kids, want to learn water safety, or enjoy swimming as a form of exercise, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the Y.

Three kids in swim caps learning to swim at the YMACA.

Swim Lessons

We offer swim classes for infants, kids, teenagers, and adults. Choose from weekday, evening, and weekend classes all year long.
A mother and her son swim during Family Swim at the YMCA.

Open Swim

Drop into one of our pools for lap swim, family swim, or recreational swim. Check pool schedules to find a time that works for you and your family.
Three women in water exercise class at Chinatown YMCA pool

Water Aerobics Classes

Use the resistance and buoyancy of the water to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility.
Boy swims laps at McBurney YMCA indoor pool with bubbles coming out of his face

Youth Swim Teams

Teams of young swimmers practice regularly and complete with other Y and club swim teams.
A lifeguard poolside at the YMCA.

Become a Lifeguard

Take our lifeguard class, get certified as a YMCA lifeguard, and search for lifeguard jobs at our branches.