YMCA Mission

The YMCA is here for all New Yorkers – to empower youth, improve health and strengthen community. 



YMCA membership is available to all persons regardless of race, religion, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or financial circumstances. The YMCA welcomes families and persons of all ages, income levels, and physical conditions with an emphasis on responsibility and self-improvement. 

Membership Guarantee

Membership in the YMCA is fully guaranteed. Members who are not completely satisfied with their YMCA membership may cancel anytime by providing 15 days’ notice prior to their draft date. For annual memberships the remaining months of unused membership will be refunded.  

Code of Conduct

At the YMCA, creating a safe and welcoming environment is a team effort. We ask everyone—staff, members, and guests—to follow the YMCA Code of Conduct, which is based on our core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Adherence to the YMCA Code of Conduct and regulations is essential.  

Media Policy

For the privacy and security of all-especially kids and teens, photos or video recording is only allowed with permission from the Branch Executive Director. 

Financial Assistance

Applications for financial assistance may be submitted to the member services desk. Applications may take up to 7 to 10 days to be processed and applicants will receive a response via email. 

Payment Options & Information

  • Monthly payment via automatic draft is offered via credit card or bank draft.  There is no cash option for monthly payments.  
  • Membership may be paid in full for an annual period via cash, personal checks, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover. 
  • If a check is returned for non-payment or an automatic draft fails, a service fee of $15.00 will be added to the outstanding balance amount. 
  • Membership dues must be up to date to utilize the facility. 

Membership and Program Cards / Key Tags

Your photo will be taken and is required to be issued a membership card/key tag for entry to the facility.

Membership Access

  • Your Branch membership card or key tag must be presented, and the bar code scanned in the YMCA system in order to verify your membership and gain access into the Y.  
  • Membership at the YMCA is not transferable. 
  • Membership bar codes are uniquely assigned and cannot be shared.  

Program Access

Program members will be issued a card/key tag granting them access to the Y for their program. This card/key tag must be presented and scanned for access into the YMCA program. 

Lost Cards / Key Tags

Please let us know if your card is lost or stolen. A replacement fee may be charged. 

Guest and Day Passes

  • All YMCA members may request 6 complimentary guest passes per year to introduce the Y to friends and neighbors.  
  • Branch members are welcome to 10 complimentary visits to other YMCA locations within NYC each year.  
  • Day passes are available to purchase.  

Member Referral Program

All YMCA members are eligible for a member referral bonus of 50% off a month of membership for each new member you refer to the Y who joins and stays for 2 months.  There is no limit to the number of referrals.   

Membership Transfer

Membership and program privileges are not transferable from one person to another.  Membership may be transferred from one branch to another within NYC. 

Membership Holds

Members may put their membership on hold for 1-3 months during any calendar year. A monthly hold fee will be charged.  All memberships privileges are suspended while your membership is on hold. Request for hold requires a 15-day notice prior to the monthly draft date. 

Membership Cancellation

Cancellation of membership requires a 15-day written notice prior to the monthly draft date.  

Program Changes, Credits, and Refunds

Occasionally programs changes (for example instructors, class type, days, fees, or cancelations due to low enrollment) are necessary. Every attempt will be made to reach registered participants either by phone or email to inform them of cancellations. Participants will be issued a refund or credit for cancellations. All credits are good for 3 years. 

Program Credits and Refunds

  • Credits, refunds and/or make-up classes will be issued if the YMCA cancels or postpones a class, otherwise programs are non-refundable and make up classes not available. 
  • There will be no make-up classes for scheduled holidays, snow days, or other weather conditions beyond our control. 
  • Requests for credit or refund for a medical reason will require documentation and approval by the department director. 
  • Credit will not be issued for classes not attended. 

Locker Rooms and Lockers

  • Lockers are available for daily use. Please bring your own lock to secure your belongings when using the facility. 
  • Children of the opposite gender identity as their parent/guardian up to age 6 can use the Male or Female locker room when supervised by their parent/guardian.  Children 6 and older must use the locker room consistent with their gender identity or use the Family locker room when supervised by their parent/guardian.