At the Y, kids can learn to play a sport, develop their skills, make new friends, and become empowered in youth sports programs.

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Spring II Programming starts April 29!
Member registration opens Saturday, April 6 and community registration opens Saturday, April 13. Session availability varies by branch location. Explore your branch offerings today and Join the Y today for early access and discounts!

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Program Registration

Session availability varies by branch location. Explore your branch offerings today!
Boy in basketball team huddle at Park Slope Armory YMCA in Brooklyn smiles


Learn and master the basics of passing, dribbling, and shooting and practice your offense and defense in fun scrimmages.
Kids learning soccer skills during youth sports class at the YMCA


Our soccer classes, for toddlers through teenagers, teach skills, improve coordination, and encourage fair play, positive attitude, and teamwork.
Kids learning yoga skills during youth sports class at the YMCA

Yoga for Kids

Our yoga program focuses on appropriate poses and breathing techniques and is a great introduction to the mind-body-spirit aspect of exercise to develop focus and relaxation.
Three karate boys


Our progressive karate program teaches physical education, self-defense, and meditation. Regular participation in this program develops strength, agility, flexibility and coordination as well as focus and peace of mind.
Kid learns tennis during youth sports class at the Harlem YMCA


Young kids learn to play with kid-sized racquets, slower and lower-bouncing balls, and older students are taught fundamental and advanced techniques of groundstroke, volley, and overhead strokes.

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