Our classes for babies, toddlers, school-aged kids, and teens include sports, dance, visual arts, piano, puppetry, and much more.

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Fall Programming is from November 1st - December 26th!
Member registration opens October 16th and community registration opens October 23rd!  
Session availability varies by branch location. Explore your branch offerings today and Join the Y today for early access and discounts!

Just for Kids Program

About the Program

Our Just For Kids Enrichment Program is designed to allow parents to build their afterschool program for children ages 4-12. Sign up for a class as a stand-alone activity or use the program to enrich your child’s experience in our traditional Y afterschool program on select days.

Enrichment classes will be offered during the hours of 3 PM-6 PM, Monday through Friday. Children who attend our SACC program will be escorted to their classes. Children may also be dropped off at their class by a parent or guardian. Regular session dates apply.

To maintain the continuity and progressive nature of the classes, registration for enrichment classes will not be permitted after the second week of the session. Class offerings may change each session and are subject to change based on enrollment. Class cost, dates and times vary.

Refund, Credit, and Make-up Policies

Requests for refunds can be made by completing a refund request form at the Member Service Desk. All refunds are subject to approval by the Program Director. Refunds will be given for canceled classes. Refunds will not be given for missed classes due to illness or travel.

Enrichment fees are due upon registration and before the start of the class. Fees are non-refundable after the first week of the session. All pick-up and extended day fees are non-refundable.

For a cancellation or refund to be processed, the parent must submit a credit/refund form at the Member Service Desk located at the Greenpoint Y branch. If a class is terminated without submitting a credit/refund form, no credit/refund will be considered. Cancellation cannot be made by phone, email or written notes. Credit will not be offered for absences.

Enrichment program runs from September through June.

Director Information

For more information, please contact Emily Peterson, Healthy Lifestyles Director, at epeterson@ymcanyc.org or call 212-912-2263

Sports & Swim


Ages 4-6, 7-12

Learn and master the basics of passing, dribbling and shooting and practice your offense and defense in fun scrimmages.


Gymnastics: Tumbling & Acro

Ages 4-6, 7-12

This class is an introduction to gymnastics fundamentals. Children will enjoy developing their gymnastics skills with progressive and fun lessons, activities and training. 


Shotokan Karate

Ages 4-17

Our progressive karate program teaches physical education, self-defense, and meditation. Regular participation in this program develops strength, agility, flexibility and coordination as well as focus and peace of mind.

Shotokan is one of the oldest styles of karate in Japan. This rich traditional style utilizes both hands and feet to defend yourself. We are a member of the Shotokan Karate Federation and have regular testing and tournaments.

Register for Beginners Karate

Register for Advanced Karate

Swim Lessons

Ages 6 months+

We offer swim classes for infants, kids, teenagers, and adults. Find a class that’s right for you.

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Youth Fitness

Ages 5-12

This children's fitness class incorporates components of a not-so-typical gym class for children.



Ages 2-3, 4-6, 7-11

Our soccer classes teach skills, improve coordination, and encourage fair play, positive attitude, and teamwork.


Dance & Movement


Ages 4-5

Your child will learn the fundamentals of ballet at an appropriate age level. Girls will need leotards, tights, and ballet shoes. Boys will need shorts, t-shirts, and ballet shoes. Ratio 1:10.


Hip Hop

Ages 6-12

Participants will be introduced to rhythmic dance movement based on modern pop culture and will also get into the fundamentals of old school hip-hop. We welcome all levels to learn our cool choreography. Ratio 1:10.


Tumbling and Acro

Ages 4-16, 7-12

This class is an introduction to gymnastics fundamentals. Children will enjoy developing their gymnastics skills with progressive and fun lessons, activities and training.





Ages 6-12

Children will learn basic piano skills using both hands including five finger position, scales, progressions, fingering techniques, and accompaniment, as well as basic music theory including notes, rhythm, harmony, and form.



Puppetry and Mask Making

Ages 4-6

Building forms is a great way to explore 3-dimensionality and develop fine motor skills. Using a variety of materials such as felt, cloth, found and recycled objects, children will create puppets and masks of their design. They will explore storytelling through the production of performing characters and their environments.


Exploring 3D Art

Ages 7-12

A combined class to teach the elements of line, composition, and shading, which will prepare students to understand the principles of art, and that they will be able to utilize when sculpting their figurative art.


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