Welcome to the Greenpoint YMCA. Our Y is more than just a gym featuring state-of-the-art exercise equipment and an indoor pool; our family programs, education classes and comprehensive childcare create a community committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Leadership Staff

Kendall Charter
Executive Director
212-912-2260 x 4402


Tatiana Terzuoli
Director, Communications & Fund Development
212-912-2260 x 4406


Natasha Persaud
Director, Membership & Guest Rooms
212-912-2260 x 4404


Jazzmine Randolph
Aquatics Director
212-912-2260 x 4415


Shevonne Greene
Family & Youth Director
212-912-2260 x 4408


Linda Leahy
Early Childhood Director
212-912-2260 x 4407


Danielle Peterson
Business Manager
212-912-2260 x 4411


Floyd Allen
Property Manager
212-912-2260 x 4420

Board of Managers

Board Chair
Paul J. Pullo

Vice Chair
Frank P. Carbone

Past Chairs
Frank Carbone, Immediate Past Chair
Martha Holstein, Past Chair
Roseanne Antonucci, Past Chair
Alfred Jennings, Past Chair


Board Members
Roseanne Antonucci
Gina Argento
Aki Ashe
Peter Cruz
Jack Georgakis
Alexandra Hankovszky
Debbie Hootam
La-Asia Hundley
Michael Kawochka
Christopher Lenard
Philip Mauro
Christina Pullo
Walter Sanchez
Nanyamka Scott
Rad Suchowolak
Miriam Sy-Gorski