At the Flushing Y, kids can learn to dance, draw, or play a sport, develop their skills, make new friends, and become empowered in youth programs.

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Online registration for the Spring I session is closed. To sign up for the current session, please contact our membership team or stop by the Member Services Desk.

The next eight-week session of classes begins the week of April 27. Registration opens for YMCA members on April 11, and for community members on April 18.


Tiny Toes Ballet

Ages 3-6

Children will learn the fundamentals of ballet through awareness of body movement and creativity. While participating in exercise and dance sequences, participants will learn coordination while exploring various levels of movement that develop strength.



Ages 3-6

Ballet is an essential foundation for all dance. You tot will learn the basics while having so much fun in this age-appropriate class.



Ages 7-12

This class gives children a basic introduction to classical ballet. It includes preparatory exercises to develop coordination. It will also allow participants to experience classical music, increase their sense of balance, and improve their reflexes. 


Break Dance

Ages 5-15

This 8 week course will take students from the beginner footwork and uprock moves to the more stylish power moves such as handstands and freezes.


Hip Hop for Kids

Ages 3-6

Learn the basic way to use your body in ways that encourage many different stylistic techniques. A high energy course highlighting the basics of hip hop and funk with basic moves linked together into a progressive routine taught to a compilation of popular hip hop and R&B music.


Kids Bop

Ages 5-12

Designed exclusively for youth. These classes are rockin’, high energy, fitness packed parties with specially choreographed, kid-friendly routines and all the music kids love, like hop-hop, pop, reggaeton, cumbia and more!

FREE for Y members

NEW: K-Pop

Ages 6-14

Come have fun dancing to the latest K-Pop songs! No previous experience required. K-Pop, short for Korean pop music, has become a global phenomenon where the melody, concept, and choreography all come together to create an entertaining experience for all.


Sports & Swim


Ages 5-12, 11-17

Learn and master the basics of passing, dribbling and shooting and practice your offense and defense in fun scrimmages.

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Ages 4-7

Our progressive karate program teaches physical education, self-defense, and meditation. Regular participation in this program develops strength, agility, flexibility and coordination as well as focus and peace of mind.



Ages 5-12

Our soccer classes teach skills, improve coordination, and encourage fair play, positive attitude, and teamwork.


Swim Lessons

We offer swim classes for infants and kids of all ages. Find a class that's right for you.

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Youth Capoeira

Ages 5-12

A Brazilian martial art that encourages personal and social growth. Children will learn acrobatics, martial arts, and music. FREE for Y members!


Guitar Lessons

Ages 8-12, 13+

Strum away on your first guitar as you fall in love with music.


Visual Arts

Little Artist

Ages 3-6

Kids have a great time mixing paints and using different mediums while learning about various artists and basic painting and drawing skills in this fun class. A variety of projects will be created using different materials and techniques.



Ready, Set, Read!

Ages 4-6

A reading readiness class, children are exposed to sight words, alphabet sounds and sounding out words. These skills are intended to help your child attain pre-reading skills.


Ready, Set, Science

Ages 4-6

The program engages children in various hands-on science teachings each week. Thematic science explorations allow children to experiment and explore the world around them.


Little Chefs

Ages 4-6

Healthy and yummy recipes are introduced as children cook up a fun recipe every week. Children prepare and enjoy different foods while learning about measuring, counting, sharing and more. A class recipe book is given out at the end of session.


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