At the Y, kids can learn to play a sport, develop their skills, make new friends, and become empowered in youth sports programs.

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The next eight-week session of classes begins the week of September 3, 2019. Registration opens for YMCA members on August 17, and for community members on August 24.


Learn and master the basics of passing, dribbling and shooting and practice your offense and defense in fun scrimmages.



Each level of our progressive program is geared to advance gymnasts in safe, consistent and productive progressions. The program teaches safety awareness, body awareness, values education and skills instruction with safety as our #1 concern.

Tiny Tumblers
4-5 years

Ready to explore gymnastics and develop your skills in a small group setting? Learn coordination, develop flexibility, and practice jumping, tumbling, balancing, and more! This class gives children the opportunity to build confidence, develop their own strength, and explore gymnastics while making friends and having fun! 

Beginner Gymnastics 
6-12 years

This co-ed class focuses on learning basic gymnastics skills, such as floor routines and developing proper conditioning, as well as increased use of each apparatus.

Advanced Beginner Gymnastics
7-12 years

This co-ed class focuses on basic floor and apparatus skills, increasing strength and endurance and preparation for the more rigorous intermediate program.Intermediate Gymnastics 

Intermediate Gymnastics
8-14 years

This co-ed intermediate gymnastics class builds on skills learned in the previous level and focuses on increasing strength and endurance and involves more complex floor and apparatus skills that include flight movements.

Advanced Intermediate Gymnastics 
8-14 years

In this level, participants continue to build on apparatus and floor skills learned in the previous level and begin to practice more complex variations and combination movements.

Gymnastics Club 
10-17 years

Gymnastics Club provides a supportive environment for dedicated gymnasts who are eager to progress without the pressures of competition.



Our progressive karate program teaches physical education, self-defense, and meditation. Regular participation in this program develops strength, agility, flexibility and coordination as well as focus and peace of mind.

Please note:
There is a $40 fee for the karate uniform, and an optional belting fee for all those who qualify and choose to participate. Additional program gear (only required for advanced classes) which includes a head protector, gloves, mouth guard and shin guards can be purchased for $100.


Multi-Sports for Kids

Not sure which sport your child has an interest in? Does your child have an interest in every sport? Multi-Sports is the class for you! This instructional class gives a taste of soccer, basketball and track in a fun play-filled environment. Children are introduced to basic skills for the various sports, as well as fun games to familiarize with the use of various sports equipment.



Our soccer classes, for toddlers through teenagers, teach skills, improve coordination, and encourage fair play, positive attitude, and teamwork.