Our classes for babies, toddlers, and school-aged kids include sports, dance, theater, arts, reading, and much more.

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Fall Programming is from September 4-October 29!
Member registration opens Saturday, August 12 and community registration opens Saturday, August 19. Session availability varies by branch location. Explore your branch offerings today and Join the Y today for early access and discounts!

Dance, Theater, and Music

NEW! Kids Modern Dance

Ages 5-7, 7-9

Tell a story through movement in this fun and empowering introduction to modern dance! Students will explore emotions and self-expression using a mixture of structured dance and creativity.


Tiny Toes Ballet

Ages 3-4

Children will learn the fundamentals of ballet through awareness of body movement and creativity. While participating in exercise and dance sequences, participants will learn coordination and develop strength through various levels of movement.



Ballet Level I
Ages 5-7

This program is a fun and active way for children to learn ballet! Students will learn ballet techniques, build strength, and learn choreography. In the last week, students will put on a performance showcasing what they have learned. 


Ballet Level II
Ages 5-7, 7-10

This class is for students who have taken ballet before and are ready to advance. Students will learn more advanced techniques and continue to develop their skills. In the last week, students will put on a performance showcasing what they have learned.

Please note:
Level II Ballet is invitation only. Not sure if your child is ready for Level II? Please contact Denise Francis if you’re interested.

Ballet/Creative Movement

Ages 3-4

This program is a fun and active way to introduce children to ballet, giving them the opportunity to explore movement, build confidence, and be creative. This class invites children to use movement as a vehicle for self-expression, encouraging individuality and creativity. 


Hip Hop/Breakdancing

Ages 5-7, 7-9

Students will learn a series of stylistic moves paired with hip hop music to help work on musicality, coordination, cognitive awareness and personalization. Students will work on moving to the beat, remembering dance moves and expressing themselves within the choreographed movement.


Imagination Theater

Ages 3-4

A great first theater experience that uses stories as the basis for imaginative play. Participants work with a different story each week to explore characters, settings, and plot. A wonderful way for children to learn to express their emotions and interact with their peers.


Sing, Act, Dance

Ages 3-4, 5-7

Through musical theater, children will explore the intersection of singing, drama, and dance. Students will have the opportunity to explore their vocal range through singing as well as explore characters, and develop their dancing and acting skills!



Ready, Set, Science

Ages 3-4

From erupting volcanoes to experimenting with matter in different forms, this class invites children to explore the wonders of science! Your child will be able to test his or her own scientific theories and engage in experiments expanding their knowledge and interests. Students will learn about scientific theories, participate in science projects, and record their findings through observational drawings.


Science Explorers

Ages 5-8

This class invites children to explore the wonders of science! Each week, students will test their theories, participate in science classes, and record their findings through observational drawings. 


Visual Arts & Play

NEW! Lights, Camera, Action

Ages 7-9, 10-12

Welcome to YMCA Hollywood; where everyone’s a star! Use visual storytelling to explore self-expression, creativity, build self-confidence, and have fun! Students will create their own scripts, act, direct, and produce their own original movies. This class is a great induction to film, directing, acting, video editing, and more!


NEW! Bilingual Baby

Ages 2-3

¡Hola! Hello! You are never too young to learn a new language. Become a bilingual baby with this interactive, sensory-filled English and Spanish class.


Build, Build, Build

Ages 3-4

Each week students have the opportunity to build their own creations using their imagination. Students will build 3-D sculptures, robots, cars, castles, planes and more!




Ages 4-6, 7-9, 8-12, 10-14

Sessions focus on improving basketball skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and offensive/defensive schemes. Small-sided matches also give your athlete the in-game experience they need to really learn the game.



Preschool & Youth Co-ed Basketball League
Ages 4-5, 6-12

Our recreational youth basketball league is a great opportunity to learn the fundamentals of basketball while also introducing the concept of teamwork and enhancing self-confidence. Ages are divided 4-5, 6-7, 8-9 and 10-12 years old.

Registration includes: 

  • 4-6 teams per age division
  • New! Smaller teams = more play time
  • New! 12-week league and extra team practices
  • New! 2 weeks of evaluations/skills
  • Pre and post season game play
  • New! Full reversible uniform
  • YMCA staff coaches and certified referees
  • Awards for each participant
  • Playoffs & 1st Place trophies for ages 8-12

For more information, please contact Chrissy Baker, Sports & Healthy Lifestyles Director, at cbaker@ymcanyc.org or 212-912-2586.


Teen Co-ed Basketball League
Ages 13-15

Our improved teen basketball league is a great opportunity for the 13-15 year old division to be part of a competitive team. They have a chance to enhance their skills through team practices, then incorporate those skills into a live competitive environment.

Registration includes:

  • New! 8 week league
  • Skills/practices
  • Pre and post season game play
  • Game t-shirts
  • YMCA staff coaches and Referees
  • Trophies for top two teams

For more information, please contact Chrissy Baker, Sports & Healthy Lifestyles Director, at cbaker@ymcanyc.org or 212-912-2586.


Ages 2-4 with parent, 4-6, girls 8-12

Not sure which sport your child has an interest in? Does your child have an interest in every sport? Multi-Sports is the class for you! This instructional class gives a taste of soccer, basketball and track in a fun play-filled environment. Children are introduced to basic skills for the various sports, as well as fun games to familiarize with the use of various sports equipment.


Preschool Sports with Parents

Ages 2-4

These classes are for our new, smaller athletes who may still need some assistance participating in a sports setting. Parent participation is highly recommended in these classes. Sports include soccer and multi-sport.

Register for Multi-Sport

Register for Soccer


Ages 2-4 with parent, 4-6, 5-6, 7-11

Children’s soccer is an instructional class that teaches basic soccer skills, as well as a love for sport. Develop teamwork and participation in a fun, non-competitive environment.



Ages 4-6, 5-7, 7-9, 8-12, 10-14

If your child is interested in track & field, or they just have a lot of energy to burn, then our track program in our state-of-the-art facility is for you! Our children will learn everything from sprint form and correct relay baton hand-offs to eventually distance running, long jump, and other aspects of track. Depending on the time or day, your child will be utilizing the track, court space, or both.


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