bai Scholars, Achievers & Rising Stars


In 1995, bai launched the Corporate Scholarship Program to provide direct support to motivated New York City high school students pursuing post-secondary education.  All New York City college-bound high school seniors and previous scholarship recipients currently in their freshman, sophomore and junior years of study, who reside within the five boroughs of New York City and possess a minimum 2.5 GPA are eligible to apply for the bai Corporate Scholarship.  Students with an expressed interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Business/Finance are strongly encouraged to apply.  CLICK HERE for more information on our bai Corporate Scholarship Program.


Corporate professionals, generally upper level employees and executives, who possess notable accomplishments in the workplace as demonstrated by their position, career progress and leadership ability have always been at the forefront of our Achievers in Industry (bai) initiative. 

bai seeks to recognize those Achievers who exhibit ethical business practices in their career, exemplifying honor and integrity with a record of community service and a willingness to support future achievers.

We request that our partners look within their associations to identify and honor your Achievers.  To submit an Achiever, email Gigi Davis-Booth at today!


Rising Stars:
The bai Rising Star initiative has been created to elevate individuals whose strong work ethic, and proclivity for excellence make them exceptional prospects for the next generation of Achievers in Industry. The Rising Star Program seeks to recognize an aptitude for leadership and acknowledge track-records that reflect the promise, notable growth, and contributions to their respective fields.

bai is bridging the gap between talented young people first entering the work-force and those who have demonstrated years of excellence. In highlighting those ‘Rising Stars’ who are demonstrating tremendous promise, we seek to celebrate their successes, further develop their leadership and cultivate stronger communities through our collective investment in their achievements.

Ideal candidates are professionals whose talents, dedication and potential suggest that they are on the trajectory for eventual appointment as industry leaders and organizational principles.

We request that our partners look within their associations to identify, honor and nurture your Rising Stars.  To submit your Rising Stars, email Gigi Davis-Booth at today!