Our classes for kids include dance and yoga, drumming, and much more.

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The next eight-week session of classes begins the week of July 1, 2019. Registration opens for YMCA members on June 15, and for community members on June 22.

Dance, Rumble Tumble, and Yoga


Kids in this age group are introduced to a more formal structured ballet class. Curriculum is carefully designed to their age and cognitive abilities. This age group focuses on foundational exercises, floor ballet stretches, intro to turns and jumps.


Rumble and Tumble

Rumble Tumble
This class develops motor skills and movement awareness through stretching, tumbling, wiggling through our obstacle course, ball play and songs in a structured but exciting gym environment. Requires active parental or caregiver support.

Rumble Tumble Jr.
A simpler version of its older sibling, this class offers younger children a safe space to walk, tumble, climb, jump, explore movement and song. Requires active parental or caregiver support.

Rumble Tumble Extreme
This class is Rumble & Tumble to the next level! Children engage in acrobatics tricks, tumbling, flexibility and strengthening, through a series of warm ups, exercise, drills, and tumbling stations. Although we always welcome guardian participation, this class allows the child to socialize with children their own age and learn how to separate from caregivers.


Toddler Time
This is an open play time where you and your child can enjoy the Rumble & Tumble obstacle course, play with others and build strong bodies. $15 per child for community members, free with a Family Membership!

Kindersports Jr.

An opportunity for your child to explore the world of sports and early fitness through fun exercises, games, songs and stretching. Our young athletes develop hand-eye and foot-eye coordination, and gross motor skills like running and jumping through a series of activities. Classes require active parental or caregiver support.


Little Feet Wise Heart Yoga

Through reading a variety of stories, we expand minds and open hearts, familiarizing kids to the world around them. A world filled with nature, animals, funny parents and jumping monkeys. Participants to practice yoga poses such as tree, star, duck, giraffes and our favorite, the elephants.



MAD SCIENCE - Little Scientists

Each class is an interactive, age-appropriate exploration of a specific science topic. Every themed program is designed to captivate the curious nature of young children. Some of the topics we’ll include this semester are: Listen Closely, Keep in Touch, Eye to Eye, Digging Up Dinos, Taste and Smell, Adventure in Air and Space Frontiers.


Music and Art

Drumming 4 KidZ

The classes will be facilitated using a variety of different approaches including: music instruction, interactive engagement, hands on practice, drumming and rhythm, storytelling, symbolic imagery, music, singing, dance, and group work.


Little Painters