Use the resistance and buoyancy of the water to improve your fitness in classes like aqua aerobics and arthritis water exercise.

Aqua Exercise
A cardiovascular water exercise class for men and women of all ages. This low-impact program offers a variety of exercise moves, including jumping jacks, cross country skiing, running and sprints. Water dumbbells and noodles are used during the workout for added resistance and intensity. A refreshing way to improve cardiovascular and muscular function without impact on the joints.

Aqua Zumba
Known as the Zumba “pool party,” this class integrates Zumba with aqua fitness.

Arthritis Water Exercise
Nationally certified by the YMCA of the USA. This class is intended to decrease pain and/or stiffness, improve or maintain joint flexibility, increase muscle strength, improve coordination and endurance, and give participants an overall sense of well being. Class is performed in shallow water.

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