Work with a certified personal trainer to reach new levels of fitness. From prenatal workouts to rehabbing injuries, training for marathons or running for the first time, our Healthy Lifestyles team will get you set up with a certified trainer who can help you meet your goals.

Personal Training Packages

Every day is #MotivationalMonday with a certified personal trainer. Your trainer will evaluate your health history and lifestyle to design a program to help you achieve your goals. All personal training sessions are one hour in length. Gift certificates are available.

In-Person SessionsY MemberCommunity
3 sessions$300$367
6 sessions$545$647
12 sessions$946$1,145



Master Training Packages

Take it to the next level with a more specialized training program for balance, mobility, power, and strength training. Master trainers have multiple years of experience and advanced certifications working one-on-one with a broad rage of clients. All sessions are one hour in length. Gift certificates available.

In-Person SessionsY MemberCommunity
3 sessions$330$403
6 sessions$633$772
12 sessions$1,137$1,391



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Specialized Personal Training Packages

Take a unique approach to personal training by working with our experts to achieve your goals. 

Private Pilates Reformer Training
Pilates aims to create a longer and leaner physique with low impact strength and stretching exercises. When done routinely, pilates can increase overall flexibility, balance, and coordination for people of all fitness levels. Please inquire about pricing.


Cancellations and Policies: A client may cancel directly with the trainer without penalty by giving 24 hours notice. If notice is not given within a 24-hour period, the client will be charged for the session. All sessions are valid for six months from date of purchase. Only YMCA training staff are permitted to conduct personal training sessions within the facility.

Meet Our Trainers






  • Corrective Exercise Certification  
  • Expertise in resistance and callisthenic training with a background as a swimming coach  
  • Loves to train others because it’s enjoyable to guide and be a part of others’ journey to a healthier and stronger self






  • Conditioning, Kettlebell, and Pre/Post Natal certifications
  • Experience working as a physical therapy aide, and working with athletes
  • I love being able to help others become physically and mentally strong, more confident in their bodies, and gaining control of their health






  • Master Trainer; and Senior Fitness Specialist
  • Expertise in strength, balance, and fall prevention
  • It gives me great satisfaction to help my clients get stronger, enabling them to live their retirement years actively





  • Pilates Reformer and group exercise instructor/trainer
  • Expertise in pre/post natal, and strength training
  • My ultimate goal is to have my clients function better and enjoy their day to day activities healthy & pain-free.






  • Strength and Conditioning Certifications
  • Experience in sports training for  youth and adult with a focus on mobility
  • I enjoy seeing clients develop consistent routines around health and fitness






  • Older Adult Fitness Specialist and group exercise instructor
  • Experienced in working with the elderly and those with limited mobility, as well as young adults looking to get in shape
  • I enjoy empowering people through fitness.. I find it fulfilling to help people achieve their fitness goals






  • Adult Strength Certification
  • My training style is core exercises for balance and stability, strength endurance, and muscle hypertrophy
  • I love knowing that I’ve done the best I can to help people develop new skills, behaviors, and mindsets