Rene's Journey to Better Health

18 January 2019
Rene Williams

I came to the Bronx Y after retiring. I had put on some weight over the years, but that wasn’t the real issue. I realized I was physically unhealthy. A friend invited me to come with her to the Y, and that really changed my life.

The first class I took was Zumba Gold. Even though I had to stop a lot and catch my breath, I made it to the end. It tired me out and I loved it. As my mother always said, “Rene, to be healthy, you have to move!” And that’s just what I did. I worked with a personal trainer through the free Y Fit Start program to get me started. He showed me how to safely use the equipment and weights. I quickly saw and FELT a difference. My doctor told me to keep it up — I have A+ blood work, my cholesterol and blood pressure are pristine! I have more energy, more stamina, I feel good! 


"I came to the Y with a friend because I was overweight and unhealthy. My first class tired me out, but I loved it. A trainer helped me get started and now I can see and feel a difference. I have energy, stamina, I feel good! This was the best decision of my life." -Rene Williams


But I’m not stopping there. The Y is a playground for me, it’s so much fun. I come five days a week now. I’m trying new things — like water aerobics, total body conditioning, and cardio kickboxing. Taking on something new is so exciting. The Bronx Y helped me find my way. This has been the best decision of my life.


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