5 Keys to More Quality Family Time

24 December 2018
Family Tips

Living in New York City can be hectic for everyone, but especially families. As working parents, we run around getting the kids to school or daycare on time before heading to work (and getting delayed on the subway), and then spend nights and weekends at soccer games and piano recitals. 

That leaves little quality time to spend together as a family. One study found that, during the week, families spend as little has a half an hour of quality time together. And even then, we’re often hiding behind screens. 

Here are 5 tips for families to make the most of their time together.

  1. Commit to family meal time. Everyone leads separate lives at work and at school. Dinner time allows you to reconnect. Family dinners lead to better inter-family relationships, healthier food choices, and even better grades. 
  2. Start a game night. With everyone’s busy lifestyles, it’s essential to be intentional about spending time with family. Game night is an easy way to accomplish that! Not only will playing a simple game together help families maintain strong lines of communication, but it also reduces stress! 
  3. Stay active together. Whether that’s going for a walk in a nearby park or going to family swim time at the YMCA, get out and move as a family! The Y has a breadth of programming for all ages, from basketball to dance to yoga. 
  4. Plan a family adventure. Face it: Even if everyone is physically gathered together in the same room, there are often distractions. Planning an adventure with the family can separate you from the daily noise. Whether it’s a vacation, a trip to a museum, volunteering, or something as simple as having a scavenger hunt in your backyard or the park — do what works for your own family! 
  5. Turn off your screens. Whenever you’re together as a family — whether that’s for meals, for game night, or at the Y — try to turn off your devices so you can focus on each other. 



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