Our program focuses on adolescents and young adults (ages 12-18) who are using substances. 

The mission of our Adolescent Services program is to provide an environment that empowers young people to achieve a positive, productive, and drug-free lifestyle. Our program focuses on adolescents and young adults who are using substances. 

Reasons for Referral

The stresses of the teen and young adult years can make youth especially susceptible
to developing a struggle with substance use. Signs of a possible problem include:

  • Experimental or active drug or alcohol use
  • Changes in attitude towards school, home or family
  • Legal problems
  • Changes in usual behavior and/or mood
  • Changes in social relationships (i.e. “falling in with a bad crowd”)
  • Behavioral changes, including depression; anger; sensitivity; defensiveness; secrecy; aggression; spending time alone; or violence
  • Physical changes, including hyperactivity; sleepiness; a haggard, drawn appearance; or dramatic changes in dress

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Program Philosophy

A 12-week program aimed at enhancing knowledge and understanding of the multi-faceted aspects of parenting. These classes take an in-depth look at child development, communication, discipline, child/family health, learning/play, stress, nutrition, budget, substance abuse, family violence and teen behavior. There is a nominal weekly fee for this program.

Our program focuses on building individual strengths and minimizing risk factors which help adolescents grow up to be healthy, caring, and responsible. Research shows that the more of these assets a young person has, the less likely they are to abuse drugs, skip school, fight, or attempt suicide. We strive to help young people develop as many of these building blocks as possible – which will ultimately help them succeed in school, resist danger, maintain good health, overcome trouble and grow to their full potential.

Family involvement has also proven to be critical to the success of our adolescent participants. Beyond the routine engagement of their direct services and progress, we also encourage our caregivers to join our Family Association group to help support the teen’s treatment.  

Program Goals

  • Develop skills to cope with feelings/experiences
  • Develop skills for surviving adversity, both today and down the road
  • Learn to have fun without the use of alcohol and drugs
  • Build the confidence to resist temptation and pressure
  • Develop one’s own inner strengths
  • Help establish the sense of empowerment that comes with self-reliance
  • Reassure that it’s ok to get help when you need it, at any age
  • Foster sobriety and recovery from each individual’s identified needs
  • Build a network of positive relationships, and engage in positive activities and behaviors


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