Our Early Childhood Program builds strong kids, strong families, and strong communities through our Universal Pre-K and our 3-K programs, free for NYC residents! Our curriculum is designed to promote the growth and development of the “whole child.” The program focuses on the social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development of each child as an individual. Children learn from hands-on experiences with materials and from interactions with their peers and teachers. Our ultimate goal is that each child has a positive first school experience.

About the Program

The Coney Island YMCA presents NYC’s free Universal Pre-Kindergarten and 3-K, a quality program five days a week! Children will be in contact with highly qualified, certified teachers and personnel. Our curriculum places a high priority on creating an environment in the classroom that encourages children to experiment, explore, and pursue their own interests.

How to Apply

To learn more & register, contact Stella Erikhman via phone 718.215.6900/718.215.6918 or email serikhman@ymcanyc.org You can also stop by the Coney Island Y at 2980 West 29 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11224