Teens Take the City Goes Virtual

22 May 2020
TTC 2020

Even while outside of their branches, teens remain passionate and dedicated to their YMCA. With the new remote learning environments, Y teens have taken initiative and have continued to participate in their programs with more vigor than ever. Especially with programs like Teens Take the City. Teens Take the City is a civic engagement program focused specifically on NYC government and fostering community organizing skills to build thoughtful, leaders of tomorrow.

This week, Teens Take the City will hold virtual Borough Hall and City Hall sessions where they will debate on their proposed bills – borough vs. borough.  
Youth Elected Officials are excited about this new virtual experience, and had this to say:

Orion Crossman- TTC Mayor “I’m excited for the opportunity to work with everyone for the first ever digital TTC and stay connected even in these though times.”

Kimberly Navarrete- TTC Advocate and Association Office Volunteer of the Year “I am feeling thrilled about Borough Hall and City Hall going virtual because it's amazing how we are all willing to gather together in order to still make the best of the rest of the year. It's an amazing opportunity to expand our knowledge on a platform that has an impact on our daily lives as we continue to make a change in our communities”

Ryan La Barrie- TTC Brooklyn Borough President “While the Teens Take the City Program may not be completed in the way in which we expected, the show must still go on. Many of us may be bummed out since the experience cannot be in person, it is now digital; this is still an amazing way to not only engage with others and present your bills, but to also ensure that your voice is heard."

Wagner Santos- TTC Bronx Borough President “The virtual Borough Hall and City Hall is going to be exciting and a way for us to keep things as normal as possible during these hard times. It’s wonderful how during times like these you can find some way to keep your life as regular as possible by doing things we would’ve done together.”


Samir Ghimire- TTC Queens Borough President “During these unprecedented times we are trying things we never thought we had to do before. In creating a virtual borough hall and city hall we are trying something new and exciting that has never been done before and hopefully we can learn something about the process and ourselves.”

Lakshmi Raghunath – TTC Manhattan Borough President “Going virtual for TTC will be a new and interesting experience. Even though won’t be perfect I’m excited to see how it turns out!”


Teens Book of Proposals