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All YMCA locations are temporarily closed, but the Y is still here for you!

Find community resources, who to contact about confidential immigration issues, and free English learning on YMCA @ Home.

The Flushing YMCA's New Americans Welcome Center serves as a multilingual information resource and referral center, and provides newcomers, immigrants, and their families with a wide array of instructional, vocational, recreational, family support, and social services.

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Instructional services include:

  • English as a Second Language
  • Cultural Orientation
  • Citizenship Preparation
  • US Civics
  • Job Readiness
  • Computer Literacy
  • Healthcare Careers

Some of our centers offer Adult Basic Education (ABE) and High School Equivalency (HSE) classes. All services are free of charge. 

Free Classes

Free English, Citizenship, and Job Preparation Classes

Spring Classes: April 13 - June 18, 2020
Registration: April 6 - April 10 (10 AM - 5 PM) (Please come at 9 AM to sign up for an appointment) 

Please bring a photo ID. For more information please call 718-551-9352

YMCA Holidays:
Memorial Day - May 25 

Beginner ESOL
Beginning instruction in vocabulary and structure of the English language. Students will learn the basic skills necessary for reading, writing, and communicating in English.

Meets: Monday-Thursday
Time: 9 AM-12 PM
Teacher: Aaron Corbin 
Location: Blue Room

Intermediate ESOL
Intermediate instruction in English language conversation, reading, and writing. Students continue to develop fluency in English with a focus on learning more complex vocabulary and grammar.

Meets: Monday-Thursday
Time: 9 AM - 12 PM 
Teacher: Leon Dornbaum
Location: Blue Room

Conversation Class
Instruction in English language conversation and reading using We Speak NYC.

Meets: Fridays Only 
Time: 10 AM - 12 PM
Location: Conference Room

Job Readiness/IELCE
Instruction in Integrated English Language and Civics Education with the goal of getting a job and taking a Home Health Aide training. This is a six-month class. Classes will end on June 19, 2020

Meets: Monday-Thursday
Time: 9 AM-12 PM, or 1-4 PM, or 6-9 PM
Teachers: Victor Edrosolan (AM & Aft) and Juan de los Santos (PM) 

Citizenship Preparation/ US CIVICS
US Civics for immigrants planning to apply for US citizenship. Students develop their English speaking skills as well as their knowledge of US history and government.

Meets: Tuesdays & Thursdays
Time: 1:30-4:30 PM
Teacher: Jovito de la Paz
Location: Conference Room


  • Please call us to schedule an appointment.
  • Please bring a photo ID.

For more information, please call: 

  • 718-551-9352
  • 718-551-9353
  • 718-551-9350 ext 6511

New York City’s YMCA is here for all. Our New Americans Initiative is a safe haven for immigrants looking for support and services. We never turn anyone away—or inquire about immigration status.

Free Home Health Aide Training

Free Home Health Aide Training for HI-Level ESOL offered by Selfhelp

Want to earn a Home Health Aide Certification? Interested in acquiring in-demand healthcare skills while improving your English?

The Flushing YMCA New Americans Welcome Center in partnership with Selfhelp Community
Services is offering a FREE Integrated English Language and Home Health Aide Training

The 8-week training will combine English language instruction with Home Health Aide Training.
Assistance with job readiness and resume preparation will be provided.

Available Classes:

April 6 - May 28


  • Interest in receiving Home Health Aide Certification
  • High Intermediate or Advanced level of English (ESOL)
  • Ability to attend 3-week intensive training.
  • Time to work on homework and study.
  • Experience or desire to be employed in a job
  • Proof of NYC residency
  • Valid photo ID (NYS or US Government ID only)
  • Accepted students will register with the NYSDOL Job Zone


Come for testing and registration on ONE day during these two weeks:

March 23 - March 27 or March 30 - April 2 between 10 AM - 7 PM

For more information, please call 718-551-9351 or 718-551-9353. Please bring your photo ID and Social Security or Citizenship/Green Card to register.

Free English, Civics and Home Health Aide Training Program

Learn English/Civics and be trained as a Home Health Aide.

Available Classes:

January 13-June 18, 2020

  • Monday-Friday, 9 AM-5 PM
  • Registration:
    • January 6-9, 2020, 9 AM-5 PM
    • Please bring your photo ID and Social Security or Citizenship/Green Card.


  • 18 years or older
  • Eligible to work in the US
  • Students with intermediate to advanced English skills
  • Able to attend English classes, Monday to Thursday (12 hours/week) for 6 months
  • Able to attend free three week Home Health Aide training in Flushing offered by Selfhelp Community Services, Inc.

For more information, please contact us: 


初級英語課 (ESOL)
9 AM-12 PM

12:30-3:30 PM

1-4 PM

6-9 PM



  • 2019年10月7日至10日
  • 請在上午9點預約註冊
  • 請攜帶帶照片的身份證


  • 718-551-9352
  • 718-551-9353
  • 718-551-9350 ext 6511

紐約市青年會致力為大眾服務。我們的新美國人歡迎中心為所有尋求支援和服務的移民提供一個安全 的避風港。我們不會拒絕任何求助者或詢問有關移民者身分事宜。



招生时间 :
2019年10月7,8,18日, 上午10点到下午12点
2019年10月15日, 下午2点到下午5点
2019年10月17日, 下午2点到下午4点

家庭护理培训时间 :


  • 必须参加招生环节
  • 必须提供工作资格证明
  • 完成为期3周的培训课程
  • 通过必要的考试

更多信息請致電: 718-551-9351

这是免费的培训!!! 请带上你们的证件!!!

Clases de inglés, computación, y ciudadania gratis

Clase de Inglés Principiantes
Lunes a Jueves
12-3 PM

Clase de Inglés Intermedio
Lunes a Jueves
9 AM-12 PM

Clase de Computación 
Lunes y Jueves
3-6 PM

Clase de CiudadanÍa 
Martes y Miercoles 
3-6 PM

Horario de clase: 14 de Octubre-19 de Diciembre del 2019


  • Del 7 al 10 de Octubre de 2019 (10 AM-5 PM)
  • Por favor, venga a la 9 am para inscribirse por una cita
  • Traiga por favor la identificación de la foto

Para obtener más información por favor llame al:

  • 718-551-9352
  • 718-551-9353
  • 718-551-9350 ext 6511

El YMCA de la ciudad de Nueva York está aquí para todos. El New Americans Initiative es un lugar seguro para todo inmigrante que busca seguridad y servicios. A nadie se le niega el apoyo o respaldo, y nunca se pregunta sobre el estatus de residencia.

수업 일정

오전 9시-12시

낮은중반 수업:
월요일 하고 수요일

시민권 수업:
화요일 하고 목요일
오후 1시-4시

컴퓨터 사용능력/작업 준비 수업
화요일 하고 수요일
오후 6시-9시

클래스 스케줄: 2019년 10월 14일 - 2019년 12월 19일


  • 2019년 10월 7일 -10일
  • 오전 9시 등록에서 예약하시기 바랍니다
  • 사진이 부착 된 신분증을 꼭 지참하시기 바랍니다

더 자세한 정보 나 약속을 원하시면 전화주십시오:

  • 718-551-9352
  • 718-551-9353
  • 718-551-9350 ext 6511

뉴욕시의 YMCA가 여러분을 위해 있습니다. 우리의 뉴 아메리칸 이니셔티브는 지원과 서비스를 원하는 이민자들에게 안전한 제공자입니다. 우리는 절대로 아무도 돌려보내지 않습니다. 또는 이민 상태에 대해 문의하지 않습니다.

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New York City’s YMCA is here for all. Our New Americans Initiative is a safe haven for immigrants looking for support and services. We never turn anyone away—or inquire about immigration status.

Contact Us

Lorna Blancaflor 
Program Director

Esther Gao
WOIA Program Coordinator
718-551-9350 ext. 6511

Sue Chen
NAI Program Coordinator

Languages spoken: English, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), Korean, and Spanish.