It Can Be Done: Zakhro's Story



happy teen in downtown nyc

Y Home Branch?      

Current college and major?      
Adelphi University; Criminal Justice

How did you find out about the Y?      
Through school advertisements and hearing about the program from upperclassmen at my high school. 

What Y programs have you participated in?
Rowe Scholars, Leaders Club, and Y Ambassador Program

What is your favorite memory of the Y?      
Y Teen Rally in Fall 2022 and trip to Columbia University.

How has the Y helped you to get where you are today?      
The Y has provided me with many beneficial resources about the importance of self-advocacy, networking, and a growth mindset. It helped me to realize that each person has potential within them that they should never take for granted.

Do you think anything would be different if you hadn't been involved with the Y?      
I would say that if I hadn't been involved with the Y, I would have had a hard time finding a good summer internship job and discovering the networking opportunities that are given to high school teens around the city. I think in terms of social skills, I would still be struggling with connecting with new people and making new bonds.

What would you tell a new teen coming to the Y for the first time?      
To be inspired to be their most authentic self. Be open-minded and willing to learn from other people and their mentors as well.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? No wrong answers!      
I see myself still living in New York as a college graduate fulfilling her goal of working in the law enforcement field. 

What do you think are the biggest challenges NYC teens face today?      
Street crime, having a hard time focusing on their main priorities such as school work/maintaining a healthy routine, and not having enough access to college prep courses and workshops.

Is there one thing the Y can do to help teens feel more supported with these challenges?      
Encourage them to take advantage of all the great opportunities the Y offers and create more college/career networking events.

What is one thing you wish older generations understood about your generation?
How often we struggle with self-doubt, comparison, and the amount of tough pressures that are placed on us by society. 

You are the future leaders of the world! What do you think will be the biggest impact from your generation?    
In my opinion, the biggest impact of my generation will be creating a union and a space where people from all backgrounds are accepted and becoming advocates for those who have been silenced for many years.