We look forward to seeing you in our branches as soon as we're able to reopen. We know you've got questions, and below, we've done our best to provide answers. For additional questions, please contact us!

Reopening in Stages

When do you expect to reopen?

We will begin the reopening process as soon as we receive final approval from New York State. We will reopen our branches, and our amenities and programs in each branch, in phases. See more here.

What steps are you taking to protect my health when you reopen?

Your health and well-being is our number one priority, and our staff is doing everything we can to create a welcoming and clean environment for all. You can find more information on our website about our reopening process and what to expect when you come back.

What will be available when you reopen?

Our amenities and programs in each branch will reopen in four stages, and more services will be available as we move through each stage. See more information on what will be included in each stage.

Health & Cleaning

Will I have to wear a mask?

Yes, masks will be required at all times. All YMCA staff will be wearing face coverings as well for your protection.

Will you be checking temperatures?

Yes. No one will be allowed in with a temperature above 100.4. Temperatures are confidential and not kept on file by the YMCA.

How will you enforce social distancing?

We are changing spacing of equipment to maintain distance, and we will have signs and floor markers throughout the facility. We will ask you to please practice social distancing where possible.

What is your new cleaning protocol when you reopen?

Our staff will be rigorously cleaning and disinfecting our facilities and equipment prior to opening and throughout the day. Additional cleaning will be performed when branches are closed on Fridays. We will also ask members to please wipe down equipment before and after use, and to wash their hands often or use hand sanitizer.

What are you doing to increase airflow?

We are working to improve air quality by enhancing our HVAC and air filters, and increasing the amount of outdoor air in the facility.

Using the Gym

What can I bring into the Y when you reopen?

We will ask you to only bring a mask, water bottle, towel, and any small workout equipment you may need (mat, jump rope, resistance band, etc.). There will be limited locker capacity.

Will you be limiting the number of people in the Y?

Yes. Following government guidelines, and to maintain distance, we will be limiting the number of people within certain areas of the facility.

Will there be a time limit for using equipment?

Yes. To ensure all members are able to enjoy the facility, we will be limiting cardio equipment usage to 30 minutes per session. If another member is not waiting to use, you could continue using the equipment.

Will I need to make a reservation before coming to the Y?

Reservations will not be required for the cardio centers, strength training, or weights, which open in Stage 1. Reservations will be required for group exercise classes and lap swim (when they open in Stage 2). You will be able to make a reservation using our new mobile app, or by calling the branch.

Membership & Programs

Will my monthly membership dues restart when my Y branch reopens?

Yes. Membership fees will resume depending on when your branch reopens, and when during the month you are typically charged.

Will I be able to try out the Y before resuming my membership, to make sure I am comfortable?

There will not be a trial period. But if you have any concerns or questions about our new protocols when you return, please do not hesitate to ask our staff.

I am a city-wide member. Where can I go?

City-wide members are welcome to use any open Y branch. You will need to restart your membership. We will be in touch with more information when branches begin reopening.

I do not want to come back right away. Can I keep my membership on hold?

Yes. Please contact your branch.

I want to cancel my membership.

We understand. Please contact your branch.

Why aren’t all YMCA branches opening all at once?

We are working hard to reopen as quickly as we can. As a nonprofit organization, we are also working hard to meet the needs of our communities. Unlike other gyms, the Y also provides housing, child care, youth programs, immigration services, and so much more. That requires us to balance all of those interests when considering our reopening plan. It is also important that we test our new health and cleaning protocols in phases. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

When will early childhood, afterschool, and child care programs open?

We are currently planning to open our daycare and Pre-K/3-K for All programs in September. We are using these coming weeks to prepare for reopening these centers. We are actively working with our city partners to support afterschool and child care needs for school year 2020-21. We will have more information about our services when we learn more from the Department of Education regarding school schedules.

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