At the Y, kids can learn to play a sport, develop their skills, make new friends, and become empowered in youth sports programs.

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The next eight-week session of classes begins the week of July 1, 2019. Registration opens for YMCA members on June 15, and for community members on June 22.

Instructional Basketball (Ages 4-14)

This class teaches the game of basketball while stressing sportsmanship, team work, enthusiasm and a positive attitude. This class will consist of contests, game play and instruction of the fundamentals of the game.

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Quickstart Tennis (Ages 4-7)

This program teaches participants progressive tennis skills. Emphasis is placed on skill development, participation and enjoying the game. Participants will learn the basics of forehand, backhand, serve and volley while having fun.

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Artistic Gymnastics (Ages 5-11)

Artistic Gymnastics creatively blends together elements of tumbling and dance to further develop strength, flexibility, and spatial awareness. This program will focus on moving floor skills onto elevated surfaces with apparatuses while emphasizing skill development, coordination, and balance.

Participants must have experience with Vanderbilt Y's Gymnastics I, II, and/or III, or adequate gymnastics training as a prerequisite.

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Gymnastics (Ages 3-9)

Gymnastics class introduces movement education to the children based on their basic concepts of floor skills. Children enhance eye/body coordination and broaden their sense of spatial awareness by performing various techniques such as somersaults, cartwheels, round-offs and back walkover. Prices have been pro-rated for these sessions.

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Instructional Soccer (Ages 4-7)

This program teaches participants the basics and rules of the game in a healthy atmosphere. Emphasis is placed on skill development, participation and enjoying the game.

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Kids Yoga (Ages 5-12)

Children deepen their understanding of both the physical and mental practices of yoga. Kids learn multiple poses, beginning to focus on alignment, and building strength and coordination. The concept of meditation is introduced as a means to calm the body and mind.

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Seido Karate (Ages 5-17)

A fun class with all the “kicks”! Seido teaches self-defense, concentration and focus.

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