From grown up and me classes to family gym and swim time, the Vanderbilt Y has activities that bring your family together.


Children six months to four-years-old participate in gym, art, and music classes. Classes are designed for adults to assist children in exploring art, music and developing muscle coordination. The best part is you can be there to enjoy your little one laugh, tumble and fall while we provide an enriching setting for them to grow! 


Barefoot Baby Boogie
Ages 12-30 months

Your little one can enjoy the basic movement and music in this fun class for babies.



Mandarin Tots
Ages 6-18 months, 18-36 months

A movement class for young learners that emphasizes tactile learning. Mandarin Tots combines dance with developmentally appropriate exercise set to Mandarin Chinese songs and rhymes to promote high engagement. The class also implements elements of arts and crafts to encourage creativity.



Science Discovery
Ages 3-5

This class is designed for children to discover the world through the five senses. It is a hands-on approach that supports open ended inquiries and discussions. We invite students to explore various materials in an age appropriate way.

This class requires adult supervision and collaboration with the teacher.



Sense of Wonder
Ages 1.5-3, 2.5-5 years

An introductory class that sparks imaginations toward color investigation and the fundamentals of 2-D and 3-D design. Starting with an exploration of color and its limitless possibility, we harness the power of design to paint and draw, work with collage and print making and use a range of tactile materials to build sculptures bringing to life whatever is imaginable.



Singing Stories
Ages 6-18 months, 1.5-3 years

Get ready to shake your sillies out! Enhance your child’s development through song, dance, movement and instruments! Lou Gallo helps children move to music and use their imagination to act out songs and stories. Using a variety of techniques and instruments children are able to explore the feeling of rhythm and array of melodies while building social relationships with neighborhood friends.



Sunshine Art
Ages 18 months-3 years

Kids have a great time mixing paints, using crayons and markers while learning basic drawing skills. A variety of projects are created using different materials and techniques. Be warned—this class can get messy!



Swim Lessons
Ages 6 months-5 years

Accompanied by a parent, infants and toddlers learn to be comfortable in the water and develop swim readiness. Parents learn about water safety and drowning prevention.

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Family Preschool Gym
Ages 6 months-4 years

Family Members are invited to utilize Studio C for play and recreation time with their little ones. Hoops, toys, mats and other age-appropriate equipment is available during this open gym time.

Please note that a parent/guardian must remain in the studio and supervise their child at all times.

Saturdays, 7-8:30 AM
Sundays, 9:30-10:30 AM

Free for family members


Family Swim
All ages

Families can bond together during our family swim time.

Monday-Fridays, 5-6 PM
Saturdays, 1-6 PM
Sundays, 2:30-6:30 PM*

Free for family members

*If there is no pool party scheduled on Sunday, Family Swim will be from 1-6 PM.


Youth Swim

Children under 8 years old must be accompanied in the water by an adult within arm reach at all time.

Saturday & Sundays, 4-6 PM

Free for family members


To join the Vanderbilt YMCA family email list, please email Each month, you will receive more information on what’s happening for Family Night. We hope to see you there!

Family Nights
All ages

Come join us as we celebrate the wonders of each month. Family Nights allow us the opportunity to meet our amazing family members and build on the core values of the Y while getting to know those in our community. Family Nights consist of games, family activities and swimming. All members are invited to bring their families to participate.

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Kids Night Out (Parents Night Off)
Ages 2-11

Parents, do you need to do some shopping? Planning a special dinner for two? Just need some quiet time? The Vanderbilt YMCA is here for you! Kids Night Out is an evening of fun and activities for children ages 2-11.

Participants must have a valid medical form on file. Pre-registration is required. Children must be registered no later than 8 PM on Thursday to attend Kids Night Out on Friday night.

Fridays, 6-9 PM

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