Use the resistance and buoyancy of the water to improve your fitness in classes like aqua cycling and arthritis water exercise. Equipment is provided

Aqua Zumba
Known as the Zumba “pool party,” this class integrates Zumba with aqua fitness.

Adult Arthritis Water Exercise
Perform gentle movements in warm water to increase range of motion, strengthen muscles, and enhance overall fitness.

Water Exercise
We offer morning, afternoon, and evening water exercise classes Monday through Friday. Classes are free for all members.

Aqua Cycling
State-of-the-art stationary cycling takes the plunge in our Aqua Cycling class. Our 45-minute classes, led by certified Aqua Cycling instructors, burns calories and builds cardiovascular endurance. The therapeutic properties of the water makes it gentle on the joints. Renowned for reducing the appearance of cellulite, this invigorating class delivers results and rejuvenation.

Please note that Aqua Cycling is a paid class. You must register at the Vanderbilt membership desk prior to the start of each session.

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