What does membership include? Can I sign my child up for child watch while I work out? Find out the answers to our most frequently asked questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hours, Towel Service, and Child Watch

What are the Prospect Park YMCA hours of operation?

The Prospect Park Y is open during the following hours:

  • Monday through Friday: 5 AM- 11 PM
  • Saturday through Sunday: 6 AM-9 PM

Are there towels available?

Yes! We offer towel service at no additional charge. Towels can be found in the men’s, women’s, and family locker rooms, as well as on the 4th floor of the gym.


How do I sign my child up for Child Watch?

If you're an adult or family member of the Y, you can take advantage of free Child Watch while you work out. We’re happy to sign your child up for up to 2 hours of child watch per day. You can sign up as early as seven days in advance. Please call us at 212-912-2607 or stop by the Member Service Desk to sign up.

Child Watch hours are:

  • Monday-Friday: 8 AM-8 PM
  • Saturday: 8:30 AM-2 PM
  • Sunday: 9 AM-1 PM

What does my membership include?

Your membership gives you full access to the fitness centers, pools, tons of group fitness classes per week, child watch while you workout, discounted programs and priority registration. See a complete list of the Prospect Park YMCA’s amenities

Your membership is more than just fitness opportunities—it’s a commitment to building stronger, healthier people and families across New York City. The Y is a nonprofit organization that gives back to its communities through service and programs to some of the city’s most underserved. Find your fit with the Y, and learn more about our impact on New York City.

What can my kids do at the Y?

The Y is a place where kids come to learn, play,and grow! From preschool and child care to arts, sports and swimming, the Y helps our youngest New Yorkers become strong kids. See a complete list of our kids and family offerings.

Children ages 6 months-7 years old can play in a safe environment while you work out in child watch, and our pools and gym are open for family time throughout the week. Find a time that works for you.

Teens have additional privileges and opportunities through free school-year programming in our Teen Center, and teen membership.


How do I cancel my membership?

At the Y, there are no contracts to sign. If you need to cancel for any reason, please give us 15 days notice. Feel free to email us, or stop by the Member Services Desk. 


Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes! You can put your membership on hold for any reason for up to three months per year. Please give us 15 days notice, and note that there is a $10 charge for each month your membership is on hold. Feel free to email us, or stop by the Member Services Desk. 

If there is a medical reason to place your membership on hold, please provide appropriate documentation and the $10 monthly fee will be waived.


How much does membership cost?

Membership cost varies based on how many adults and children are joining. Calculate your rate online!

The Y is here for all New Yorkers. Our donor-supported financial assistance program is open to everyone who needs the Y but might not be able to pay. Learn more about financial assistance


Can I use other YMCAs?

Your Prospect Park YMCA membership gives you access to our facility, with 10 passes to visit other NYC YMCAs each year. Upgrade to premium membership to use Prospect Park YMCA and the Park Slope Armory YMCA facilities, or try a City-wide membership to access to all 22 YMCA branches across New York City’s five boroughs.


Can I bring a guest?

Free passes are available on the YMCA website to introduce the Y to friends and family. Restrictions may apply.

Programs and Classes

Do I have to pay for classes, or are they free if I am a member?

Most of our group fitness classes per week are free with your membership. Check class schedules online and on our mobile app.

Programs and classes such as swim lessons, personal training sessions, and kids' classes are paid programs that require registration. Members have priority registration and discount pricing for paid programs; paid programs are offered in sessions throughout the year.


Do you have classes for seniors?

The Prospect Park YMCA has active older adult group fitness classes designed to help increase muscle strength and extend the range of movement to prevent injury and improve health. See a schedule of senior classes online and on our mobile app.


Can I join a class anytime?

Group fitness classes are open to anyone, anytime! Please arrive on time to ensure a proper warm-up for a safe session. Program class costs can be prorated if there is availability and instructor approval.


How do I register for paid programs?

There are 6 program sessions per year, and each session is 8 weeks long. Priority registration for members opens two weeks before the session starts. Public registration opens one week before the session starts at the Membership Desk and online


Program and Class Credits/Refunds

  • Refunds granted only if the Prospect Park YMCA cancels a class or program. 
  • Refund requests for medical reasons will be granted at the discretion of the department director. 
  • Refunds will not be granted after the second week of the session. 
  • Supporting documentation must be provided on request. 
  • Refunds will not be granted for non-attendance.
  • A 50% cancellation fee will be charged on all refunds and credits. 
  • Credits issued must be used within one-year of the issue date. 
Gym and Fitness Facility

Help! How do I start?

We offer many resources for those who are new to working out, including a complimentary fitness consultation with one of our fitness coaches as an introduction to our training equipment and free programs like Y Fit Start to help you set and achieve your goals. Stop by the Member Service Desk for more information! Teens are required to have a consultation prior to using the fitness facility.

Joining a new class? Come on in! Let the instructor know you are new and they will help you get acclimated to the class.


Can someone show me how to use the machines?

Yes! Email our team or stop by the Member Service Desk for a complimentary fitness consultation and one of our fitness coaches will introduce you to our training equipment. Our fitness coaches are always on the floor to helpfeel free to ask them if you have questions while you’re working out!


Do you have trainers?

Yes! Our staff of personal trainers and fitness coaches hold academic degrees in related fields and/or are certified by nationally recognized accredited agencies, and can tailor a personalized fitness program to match your needs. Learn more about our one-on-one training packages.


What should I wear/bring with me to work out?

Wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes. Bring a lock to secure your belongings in the locker room, and a swim cap for any pool activities.


Pools and Swimming

When do you have lap swim?

Our lap pool opens at 5AM Monday through Friday, and 6AM on Saturdays and Sundays. Check our online schedule or our mobile app for lap swim and pool hours.

What should I wear/bring with me to swim?

Please wear a swim cap. This helps us keep our pools clean and hair-free! Please shower before entering the pool and wear appropriate swim attire. 

Not swimming? Please don't forget your shoe covers! Covering or removing your street shoes help keep our decks clean for all swimmers.

What swim class should I or my child sign up for?

We offer swim lessons for kids and adults of all abilities. Learn more about different stages of swim classes to find the right class for you or your child.

How do I know when I or my child can move up to the next level?

Our swim instructors monitor each participant's progress throughout the session. Progress reports are handed out during the fifth week of classes and will tell you which level you or your child should register for next session. Priority registration opens for members during the sixth week of classes, and opens for community members during the seventh week of classes.

How do make-up classes work?

If you or your child miss a class for a medical reason, you may request a make-up lesson. Please contact our aquatics team, and they will check if there is availability in your lesson's level and schedule your make-up. Our membership team is not able to schedule make-ups. 

If the YMCA has to cancel class due to weather or maintenance, make-ups or credits will be given.