Join the YMCA as a family to strengthen family bonds, learn and grow together, and improve the health of everyone in your family!

Customize Family & Household Memberships

Families and households continue to change. The YMCA’s family memberships are changing too!

We understand family can mean many things to many people. We're offering more flexibility and value, making membership easier for you and those you care about, whether they live in your house or not. Add a partner, young adult children, a grandparent, roommates, or a caregiver to your family membership.


Membership Add-Ons Monthly Fee
Children (Ages 0-21) Included at no additional cost.
Young Adults (Ages 22-26) New! Add young adults to a family membership for $10/month.
Adults (Ages 27+) New! Add additional adults at a discounted rate.


To Join: Give us a call or stop by the YMCA in your neighborhood and our membership staff can help customize a membership that works for you. Some restrictions and maximums may apply.

Family I and Family II Memberships

Join any of our 22 branches as a family member to get free child watch while you work out, discounts on summer camp, swim classes, and family programs, and all the other benefits of a YMCA membership. 

Family I Membership: One Adult + Children under 18

Family II Membership: Two Adults + Children under 18

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