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No one comes to camp and leaves unchanged by the experience. So many of us that have worked at camp over the years hold our summer memories near and dear to our hearts. Whether you worked as a counselor sixty years ago, or just completed your first summer you are part of a family of amazing people who have given the best of themselves to make a difference for others. As camp lives on in your hearts and minds, we hope that you will stay in contact with us or reconnect now that you have found this site.  We would love to hear from you and there are so many fun and easy ways to stay connected.

2018 Alumni Reunion Application

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If you are an alumni of Greenkill, McAlister, Talcott, or Camp Brooklyn please submit your up-to-date information and register with our alumni association: Alumni Association Login

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Alumni are an important part of our camp community, and we want to hear from you. We welcome communications regarding alumni life changes such as marriage, expecting or having a baby, adopting a child, engagements, job promotions, or earning an advanced degree. Periodically, we share such updates in our quarterly newsletter or in the alumni/fund development blog.